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Our Squad is So... BOSS!

Let's start with the Starters.  Who are these (sometimes) masked individuals?  Our Party Starters are entertainment specialists, who will keep your guests engaged, entertained and having fun.  Our Starters initiate conga lines, they wear goofy hats, start crowd waves and dance like the floor's on fire!  They help make the event #epic.


Party Starter,

Resident Superman

"Hey, I'm Michael!  I'm a wild card and a real jack of all trades.  I love having a good time with everything from music and dance to sports and science.  My last name isn't Jackson, but I throw down on the dance floor just like the King of Pop.  Let's take some crazy fun pictures so we can remember the night forever!"


Party Starter,

Resident PropMaster

"OMG, I can't believe I get paid to do this!!  I LOVE meeting everyone and helping them pick out their props.  One thing I realize is your true personality comes out with the right boa or glasses or Viking hat.  Step right up to the magic mirror and BE YOU!!" 

And now our back office.  These are the folks who answer your calls, perform site inspections, work with the graphics and design teams and maintain our amazing photo booth.  



Logistics Director



Creative Director

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